"Absentee owner" on Data Tree

Hi, Data tree offers a filter option “absentee owner”. This can obviously be very helpful. I would think when selecting an owner out of state, that would automatically be considered an “absentee owner”. However, when selecting absentee owner or removing it, it gives you a whole different list of results. Without adding absentee owner to the filter, you can end up with double or triple the amount of owners. Is there any difference in the type of property, or any difference at all? The Data Tree team did not give me a clear answer. Thanks

I just tried to replicate the problem on DataTree. What I did was select both “absentee” and “unknown” in the owner occupied section. This showed the same number of results as just selecting out of state owners. I have attached screenshots illustrating this in case it helps.


Got it! Thanks for taking your time to help me solve this!

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