Abstractor Needed for Northeast Texas - Suggestions?

I need help finding an independent abstractor who can run a full chain of title for me for a deal in Cass County, TX. I have a real estate attorney who’s trying to clean up title issues for me on this deal, but the local title companies out there are not helpful or knowledgable (to put it nicely) with getting a full chain of title done. So we need recommendations for an independent abstractor in that area. Any suggestions?

@dustinrudolph how does your attorney know what to clean up if you don’t have a full chain of title yet?

Have you considered ProTitleUSA? They’re not the cheapest but they’re pretty fast and easy. If you’ve already got an attorney involved, I’m assuming you probably aren’t as concerned with saving a few bucks on your title search?

@charlotteirwin This particular county in TX is rather difficult to work with. There’s only three local title companies there and none of them are very efficient or complete in their work. So the “full chain of title” that we received is missing documents according to my attorney. I’ve already tried using two title companies on this deal and had the chain of title pulled twice. I’ve heard from other professionals in the industry that they’ve faced similar issues in this county as I’ve encountered over the years. The good news is I did find an old school land man who is independent out there that will go to the actual courthouse and physically look through the county clerks records. Fingers crossed he can get us what we need. I appreciate your recommendation and will keep ProTitleUSA in mind if I ever need them.

@dustinrudolph gosh, I hate those remote areas of the country where it’s so hard to get good help from a title company. I’ve come across this a few times and it’s very frustrating. Good luck!