Address the owner(s) by name in the letter?

What do you all think about merging the owners' names in the offer letter?

I'm leaning yes, because it sounds more personal, but I thought that maybe it also might ironically appear less personal to see "Dear Isabella S Smith & Gregory R Smith III", which sounds like it came out of a database.

Or maybe there are other hidden cons I haven't thought of?

If you're sending an offer letter (with a lot of other recipient-specific information), it's probably not much more work to add one more merge field in there.

I'm not sure which data services you're using, but most of the ones I've seen do include a field with ONLY the first name (Dear John) or ONLY the last name (Dear Mr. Smith), so you don't have to insert the long, impersonal-sounding first and last name field.

For what it's worth, I don't think I've ever included a merged name field on my postcard campaigns it didn't seem to hurt my response rate.

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@retipsterseth Thanks for the insight! For those last name only fields, I'm unseasoned on proper title etiquette. Is it "Mrs. or Ms.?" How peeved would a PhD or MD get if they received a "Mr. Smith" as opposed to a "Dr. Smith." I know I've met a handful of people who are pretty particular about it, but I live in a college town which is a different kind of demographic...

@oranjoose you could just skip the Mr/Mrs and use their first name. That might upset someone too, but if someone gets that picky, maybe they just need to take a chill pill.