Advice for addressing

Good afternoon,

Just had a quick question regarding addresses, I know that most of us use a virtual mail box such as Traveling Mailbox so our real address isn’t on the hundreds of pieces of mail we send in our mailings, but my question is regarding our address for our purchase agreement, or just closing the deal in general, is it best practice to use this address as well or should I use my real address when closing on a land deal.

I also had another question, if I am using an LLC as a pass through entity for my land business, do I sign as my self or as my business? Silly question I know but I am still new and learning, and hoping to purchase my first piece of vacant land soon.

Any insight/advice would be much appreciated!

@rphil99 hi! If you buy as physical person, your name should figure as Buyer/Seller on the agreement and, as such, you should sign with your name and - as I see it but don’t quote me on this - also report your mailing address. If you buy as Company, your Company’s name is supposed to figure as Buyer/Seller on the agreement and you will sign with your name followed by “Its member”, or “as XYX LLC manager”. In this last case, of course it will be your Company’s physical address to be reported on the agreement.

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