Advice for neighbor encroachment

Any advice for me in this situation? Property in question is marked with yellow X. Neighbor appears to have some vehicles and other things stored on the property and possibly a bit of a structure encroachment depending on the accuracy of county’s GIS. Owner said she asked him to move the stuff multiple times. She said the neighbor was going to buy it but never did. Property is creek front and much of the remaining property is in the flood zone. I would move forward without question if it weren’t for the neighbor but I’m unsure how much of a pain it’s going to be selling it as is or getting him to stay off the property.

@jxp5140 you could try getting the neighbor’s phone number by skip tracing them, and calling them to politely discuss what you’re doing and kindly ask them to remove their stuff.

Regardless of what they say, they should take it as a warning that if they don’t, you’re going to dispose of it. You can say this when you talk to them, but maybe try to find a kind way of getting this message across.

If you do buy it and dispose of the stuff, be sure to get a survey beforehand, just to make sure you truly know where the boundary lines are. You wouldn’t want to be mistaken about what is actually on this property vs the neighbor’s property.

If all of this seems like way too much trouble for the profit you stand to make on this deal, then you might as well consider passing on this one.


@jxp5140 That neighbor looks like a good buyer…

But seriously, that neighbor is a liability to any new buyer.

Can you divide the piece up and sell just the portion under the junk to him on terms? Then sell the rest to a new buyer?

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@cory I suppose I could do that but unfortunately he is using the most valuable part of the property out of the flood zone.