AI-Generated Fake IDs: A Ticking Time Bomb for Real Estate

How are you all verifying identities these days? The old method of just getting a picture of someone’s driver’s license? Yeah, that’s not cutting it anymore.

AI fakery is making it scary easy for scammers to create fake IDs that look legit. There are free tools out there where you just upload a selfie and boom - you’ve got a real-looking driver’s license from any state you want.

If we stick with this flimsy ID check, we’re basically sitting ducks for fraud. Real estate deals involve serious cash, so we need to up our game. I’m surprised at how many title companies and notaries I’m seeing who are stilly relying on this to verify who they’re notarizing.

The question is, what are some better verification methods? A few I know of are:

  • Video chat ID checks - although, with easier deepfakes, these could soon become less reliable too
  • Verification through banks
  • Fingerprint or face scans
  • Blockchain digital IDs

Let’s put our heads together and find a smarter way that can’t be fooled by AI. The longer we wait, the more we’re all at risk.

What do you think? Are there any other, smarter ways to verify a person’s identity in the age of AI?

I agree it’s a problem. I just don’t know what a good, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement solutions is. From those ideas you mentioned, I don’t understand how to implement any of them.

How would you verify a person’s identity through a bank? Are you saying I need to call their bank or something?

How would I get their fingerprint or face scan? Is there a trustworthy third party service that would oversee this?

How does blockchain even work? I understand the basics, but how would we actually use it to verify who a person is? Is there a website out there we can use to do this in a reliable way?

Is this really that big of a problem? I haven’t dealt with this at all.

Talk about fear mongering.
As someone who sends blind offers its too elaborate for the scammer. They would have to steal the recipients mail which takes 99% of scams out of the equation as most scams are done online. Even if they did somehow get the mail a few basic due diligence would make it obvious.
As with every other business, when scams are present changes will be made to weed them out. Focus on doing more deals instead of hypotheticals that might happen in the future.

From what I know, every state is now implementing the Real ID program, which is required in order to fly anywhere domestically in the US without a passport.

I’m not sure how much this will affect this kind of identity verification, but it might help in some way if it’s widely adopted by most people.

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