Alternate Mail Campaign Sight

Does anyone know of another mail campaign sight I can use. Click2Mail is garbage.

@sadfish ciao! I just forwarded my first campaign and used ITI Direct Mail for it: I was very positively impressed by its simplicity and there are also a bunch of videos by Seth, in the course and on the blog, that allows you to go through the process with no problems at all.
That said, more recently I heard about Rocket Print & Mail which is way cheaper and, in case you are at that stage, there are people there with whom you can talk and create/discuss the best moves for you to scale your marketing (my understanding is that they can also provide websites if you need them).
I decided to give Rocket print & Mail a shot for my next Campaign (early May) but you can find other people here using it.

Check the following post too:

Good luck!

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@sadfish Unfortunately seems they are pretty bad now. They used to be pretty good actually.

The customer service has gone down the drain, though I have to say I was able to get quick and good help from a Rep on live chat a few days ago, for awhile your message would never get delivered and the phone support was terrible. So hopefully that’s an encouraging sign that they are getting it back together.

I have used both ITI Direct Mail and RocketPrint - they are both good providers. If you are doing small volumes and don’t want to pre-pay for a block of printing (i.e. 5,000 pieces min. prepay) - then go with ITI. If you want a bit better pricing and really amazing customer (not that ITI’s is bad - it’s not) and don’t mind purchasing the printing in bulk (e.g. 5k to 60k pieces ahead of time - you can use it in smaller subsets of mailings; e.g. 500+ a a time) . I am now using RocketPrint as I have sent roughly 1k letter per week this year.