Any drawbacks to using a .land URL on the buy side?

Since direct mail will be the primary method of driving traffic to my (buying) website, would the SEO benefits of using a .com URL even matter?

@yuriscarr nobody knows exactly how Google works, but I would guess that the use of .land wouldn’t be highly consequential one way or another.

It’s more important that your site provides up to date information, is easy to navigate and gives people what they’re looking for.


@retipsterseth Thanks for the reply, Seth. I guess I’ll go for it then.

@yuriscarr for what it’s worth, I bought a .land domain and wished I’d bought a .com
It’s a minor annoyance having the .land in that people are occasionally confused or made uncertain by it because it’s unusual. I don’t think it does anything for me on the upside.


@sean-callahan Interesting.

Are you using post cards to lure sellers to your website, or are you using blind offers and just use the website up for other reasons (like establishing credibility with the sellers)? I’m wondering if it’s even worth having a website since I’m only going to be sending out blind offers.

@yuriscarr Doesn’t specifically address .land - but I do dive deep into some of the most common mistakes i’ve seen with buying land site domains in this episode. Hope this helps.


@jessey Great video. Thanks for the tips.

@yuriscarr use my acquisition website for credibility and to obtain leads. my blind offer letters encourage potential sellers to input their property info through the website. leads from from the website automatically into my CRM. webiste and CRM are both REI Conversion so it’s seamless.

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