Any experience of Buying/Selling Home with Agents?

I am planning to buy a home with Agent. Do you have any experience as I heared not good reputation. Any guidance will be appriciated.

@elianalucy to say that “agents don’t have a good reputation” (if that’s what you’re saying) is a laughably broad statement. There are very talented and very incompetent people in any profession. Making a blanket judgment of an entire industry of people just doesn’t make sense.

I have had good an bad experiences with agents so I know it can go either way, depending on a lot of different variables.

Agree to Sean Jean. I’ve had mostly good experience with agents. Some were not the best. I found that the best way to choosing an agent is by reading their reviews, and seeing their active and sold history.

@gary-sk Yes you are right. I also have a very good experience with TN Based Agents from Property Friends TN Company and I sold my Franklin Based home to these buyers from here: