Anyone dealt with a CPO?

As I understand it, a Compulsory Purchase Order is a designation that can be attributed to a piece of land allowing certain statutory bodies to take ownership of that land without the owner’s consent-- essentially forcing a sale if the county needs that property for road improvements or infrastructure projects. Wondering how drastically this would affect the value of the land, especially for anyone interested in building…

@scottholmes that’s an interesting concept. Are there certain situations or parameters where a CPO can be attributed to a property like this? When would this kind of thing be a legit concern?

Kind of reminds me of how military drafts work. They may be extremely rare, but in the end, if things get bad enough, the government could technically enlist every man, woman and child to fight in a war, regardless of age (Ukraine would be one such example, how none of the males can leave the country because they have to stay behind and fight, even if they aren’t in the military or of fighting age).

Perhaps land is a similar thing? If the situation were ever dire or important enough, I wonder if the government technically has the authority to force its will upon any landowner, regardless of the situation?

I don’t actually know how any of this works, I’m just thinking and typing. I would love to learn more about it.


@charlotteirwin Sounds like it’s just another term for Eminent Domain (to which I’ve has a lot of experience). The government can take private property for public use if the proposed project is for the Public Good, infrastructure, etc, ,etc. The owner has Constitutional protection and will be paid, “Just Compensation” and their day in Court if not satisfied with the award.