Anyone else get a notice from their virtual phone provider about The Campaign Registry?

I use OpenPhone for my virtual phone numbers and recently got an email from them about registering my numbers with The Campaign Registry to be able to keep sending text messages. Or rather, for Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T to keep delivering my texts to their customers.

Has anyone else gotten something similar? I don’t send text blasts and only send conversational texts with buyers and sellers, usually after a phone or email conversation. Still trying to figure out if this registry applies across the board, or only if you are doing text blasts.

Really don’t like that it requires telling some big organization your business and an ongoing fee to be paid. Seems very Big-Brother-ish. Since when do the 3 major mobile carriers agree on anything?

For reference, here’s the email I got:

@lindah I recently got the same email from Open Phone as well. I initially started with Ring Central and they already required it at the time. I haven’t looked into what it will take yet to jump though their hoops. I was disappointed to see that email, it was one of Open Phones perks. If you find a work around, please share :grinning:

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Yes we use Cloudtalk and I recently did this. As far as I understand it there was a new law passed and all softphone/voip phone providers fall under this “line of traffic” basically it was described as a new highway for this type of traffic and to participate you have to register basically outlining the type of communication you will use it for no matter how much or how little.

I did the bare minimum I think was acceptable by creating an opt in form on our buying website that specifically has an option to check for opting into sms messages and mentioning that we won’t really be sending them many messages. It also has to link to the privacy policy.

If you don’t want to go this route I recommend just adding a little sentence and checkbox on you actual mailers (if you’re sending out cash offers) that has the opt in and a short link to the privacy policy online.

In short 3 carriers agree on things when federal laws are passed.

Also they said Sep 1st is the cutoff date so you should register before August is over. After that you won’t be able to SMS on softphones unless you’re registered. A pain but only a one time thing.