Anyone from New Jersey - NJ?

Hello RE Tipster Community,

I am new to land investing, coming with some limited real estate investing experience.

I am very interested in pursuing land flips and also performing value-add/subdivisions. I am not interested in any construction projects, I would only be interested in bringing projects as far as shovel ready and then sell the land to builders.

My approach would be to send out mailers in my local area of New Jersey (Morris County) and either flip the land or subdivide. My W2/Job background has been in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, and Real Estate Development. I have never done a land flip or subdivision on my own but feel confident I can get through the process considering my 10+ year career experience. I have a strong understanding of the site plan approval process, working with engineers, architects, surveyors, geotechs, and land use attorneys.

Is there anyone in this community with specific experience in New Jersey? I would like to do my mail campaign here because of the subdivision aspect and I know this market the best. If I was just doing flips, I would probably want to look in a different state because I understand New Jersey is expensive, the DEP is difficult, and wetlands can be very prevalent. I am looking to connect with other New Jersey investors to hear their experience and learn more about which resources they have found valuable New Jersey.

One specific question I have is where do the New Jersey investors pull their lists? I have pulled lists from ListSource before but I hear AgentPro247 a lot on the RE Tipster podcast. Any other recommendations for pulling lists? I work full time and have some capital so I do not mind buying lists from a company rather than having to call/visit local municipal offices, town halls, etc.

Where does land get traded in the state? I have seen a lot of listings on MLS and some on Facebook, nothing really on craigslist.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far and the considerations.

All the best,

@ekrembermek hi and welcome! Not a NJ investor (I only bought some tax liens there) but for the lists, I am currently using Prycd. Other options you may want to consider are Data Tree, Propstream and Property Radar, most of which are reviewed by @retipsterseth (in the Masterclass and/or on Youtube) and they all come with their pros and cons. FIY I also have Propstream: I’m not currently using it for downloading my lists (not very “land oriented”) but has some cool features when it comes to comps (example: MLS view). Also, consider that AgentPro 247 has now changed its name and I heard of a lot of investors running away from it (I think price has gone up).

@arturo Thank you very much for the response and the list suggestions. Very helpful, I appreciate it.

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