Anyone have experience with land that is zoned for Solar?

I recently had a property submitted on my website and they told me it had been rezoned to solar. Does anyone have experience with buying and selling solar zoned properties? I imagine it might be harder to sell.

@sempervirens, there are companies that specialize in sourcing and developing properties for utility-grade solar and wind generation projects. I actually know someone (not super well) that works for such a company, and travels around the country securing the local approvals for their development projects. Was just talking with their spouse about this last week, and while I might have misunderstood, it sounded like their company’s approach on the land acquisition side was to secure a multi-year lease, with option to buy, that would get them through the period necessary to fully vet the property for the project and secure approvals. One would hope that the county’s zoning change might be an indication, both, that the local govt supports such a use for the property, and that such use might actually be technically feasible (e.g. proximity and access to adequate, existing substation to tie into the grid), but who knows.

To me, I think it’d be worth exploring. If you’d like to share any details that I could pass along to the person I know, feel free to message me.

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