Anyone Having Trouble Listing on Zillow?

Has/Is anyone having trouble with listings on Zillow? I have posted on Zillow (FSBO), waited 72 hours and nothing. I have been at this for two weeks to no avail. I have not received an email from Zillow stating that I violated their policies or anything like that. I do have the property listed as “Coming Soon” so maybe that has something to do with it. Also, when I put in the parcel number (when using a street name with no number), it does not appear that Zillow recognizes the parcel number and tries to suggest another address. Is this happening to anyone or does anyone know a workaround?

@gaent Seems like ever since Zillow changed to being a brokerage, their site has become more difficult to list FSBO.

I was told you have to put in a street number when listing. If there is no address assigned yet (common in our line of work), try putting in “0” or “00”, ie 0 Main St. That fixed my problem last time I listed with them.

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@lindah Thanks for the feedback. I have tried adding a “0” as well as the parcel number and still getting the same issue. To boot, I was setting up a Facebook account for my business and they disabled it for "violating community guidelines. What a day!

@gaent look at the bright side…it can only get better from there​:grin::grin:…let us know how you fix these issues.
Personally I hear a lot of people struggling with marketplace and lately also zillow and, even if i’m not thete yet, i’d like to know how to make them work so to do the right things when my time will come. Thank you!

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Seth had a video on how to do listings on zillow without the address. As far as content concerns causing the issue…make the ad simple, same with pics. After it’s approved you can go back in and edit it to your liking and add a banner pic with info such as “Coming Soon” so it’s not in the text of the ad.

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@lindah I used to work at Zillow - some state laws don’t allow for coming soon listings. If there are other coming soon listings on the site in your state then it’s another issue and it will be hard to get ahold of someone to help as a non-paying customer (unfortunate but reality). If it continues to be an issue there are some discount brokerages out there that will put your properties on the MLS for a small flat fee.


@josh-white-0 Interesting. I’ve never tried to do a “coming soon” listing, but good to know.

Yes, I’ve had trouble listing on Zillow. But I believe there’s more to it than Zillow just making it difficult for an owner to list property. I submitted a property listing with Zillow, and while waiting for the verification call I got calls from two different realty companies that wanted me to hire them to sell the property. I didn’t think much of that until I listed another property and the exact same thing happened, but this time one of the realty company callers told me they had seen my listing on Zillow and that’s why they called. But it wasn’t listed yet with Zillow; apparently Zillow is using that ‘verification period’ to try to farm out listings to realty companies–most likely companies they are affiliated with.

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Is anyone still successfully listing vacant land FSBO on Zillow? I’ve tried with three different properties, but after the verification call the properties never actually show up on Zillow.

@sempervirens how much time has passed between the verification call and you checking on the status of it? Has it been 24 hours? 72 hours? Longer? Just curious how long you’ve had to wait.

I believe there will be NO more free lunch with ZILLOW in the future .So as a community of like minded investors it maybe time to come up with alternative solutions to BIG data ?

@retipsterseth It’s been longer than 72 hours for all three properties.

I had a FSBO listed on Zillow a while back, but got an email from them saying they had to take it down.

Their reasoning was that things have changed in my state (Wisconsin), which wasn’t allowing them to list those any longer.

@sempervirens for what it’s worth, Zillow has never been a “must have” website for my listings. I mean… it’s free, and it’s a big platform, so it’s always worth going through the motions to do it (as you have), but it’s definitely not where the bulk of sales come from. If you can’t get listed there for some reason, that’s a bummer, but it’s hardly a show-stopper.

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