Anyone ventured Into virtual/remote investing?

Has anyone here embraced virtual wholesaling? Do you have a teacher/mentor/website that offered you a course or methodology? I believe Lauren Hardy of Wholesaling Inc has a course.

It seems that it would be a lucrative methodology to be using these days.

Thoughts? Experiences?

Hey @Sunrise_Buyers!

The term "wholesaling" can be used interchangeably with a lot of different real estate strategies... are you talking about assigning contracts, doing double closings, or just buying and selling the traditional ways (where you buy a property for cheap and sit on it until you find a buyer who will pay more)

And are you referring to houses? Land? Another type of property?

If you're talking about land specifically, this is what most land flippers do (and they do it virtually)... but if you're talking about another strategy with a different type of property, it's probably worth specifying that, so the right people can jump in and respond. :)

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Essentially as land buyers, we are virtual wholesalers. Although in land. And in my case I actually close on the land and resell it, unlike selling paper (like a house wholesaler).

As to getting started in land wholesaling, check out SEth's retipster land investors course. Well worth the investment IMO.

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Thx for the suggestions.

My area of interest is SFH not land.

And as far as strategy its whatever works based on the characteristics of the deal. We may close...use an agreement for sale..or use a lease option.