Are any markets NOT "on fire" right now?

Everywhere I look, prices seem to be sky-high for even the most average properties. It makes me wonder, are there any markets in the U.S. that are NOT “on fire” right now?

A few years ago, it seemed like there were smaller towns around the country where plenty of good opportunities could still be found, but I’m having a hard time even finding those lately.

Does anyone know of any hidden treasures where great deals still exist? If so, what towns, cities or states should I be looking in?

@mattpayne hello, I’m not US and not living in US but if you’re on Bigger Pockets there are some very well done analysis that could help you to find the answer you look for. I think they’re under the “Bigger Pockets insight analysis” Section there but, if i recall well, you must be a pro member to have access. Now, if you are not yet a BP pro member and you’re interested in house market, i believe BP is an even more useful tool in these times than ever…
I personally believe that your goal is also a variable to take into account: if you are a chasing cash flow, i heard good things on Ohio (Cleveland and, even more, Columbus) whete the cost of houses seems to be still affordable but you have to keep an eye on the neighbourhood. What about Section 8? I see at that as a potential good opportunity that may not involve a lot of competition.
Good luck!