Are there any house hackers in the house?

I’m looking for any house hackers (those who are currently house hacking and/or those who have an interest in this strategy) to put up their hands.

If you’re out there, drop a reply below!

@retipsterseth We did up until COVID-19 hit. We had been Airbnb’ing our basement since 2011.

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I’ve done a couple live-in-flips but looking to house hack my next primary residence when we move again in early 2022. House hacking has a lot of upside in the denver or other more expensive markets.

@braden-sanderson oh yeah, I’m sure. If I lived in Denver, I’d probably be house hacking too.

@retipsterseth I’ve been house hacking a duplex in Harrisburg, PA since 2019. The tenants rent is enough to cover my PITI plus around $210. Then I ended up actually buying the abutting single family house about a year ago and doing a BRRRR on that so it’s been working out very nicely so far.


@retipsterseth I forgot to mention I used David Krulac as my broker whom you did a podcast interview with.

@retipsterseth I am not currently doing it but have a lot of interest in doing it.

Hi Seth,

New to the community and just seeing this post.
We live in Phoenix area and are very interested in house-hacking our first home here.

I do! We rent out our primary home on airbnb every weekend. And then we spend weekend at our lake house.

Both the primary home and the lake house mortgage and taxes are covered (plus some!) by the airbnb revenue. And we havent even put our lake house up on air bnb yet. Soon we will though and that will bring additional revenue!

I literally do not need to pay my mortgage for my two awesome homes.

We have it down to a science. We have a live in nanny who absolutely rocks and she changes the linens and cleans… we dont keep any family photos on the walls or things like that - that stuff clutters the mind anyhow!