Assigning Contracts to Buyers: Best Marketing Channels and Practices

Trying to fine the best ways to market signed contracts I can assign to buyers. I assume Zillow doesn’t allow it. How about FB Marketplace, Craigslist, individuals who buy assigned contracts, etc. Also, does REI allow posting these deals. Thanks!

@lschultz you’d have to start by understanding if the state has any rules against this. If they don’t, and if your purchase agreement gives you the right to market the property on the seller’s behalf, or if you have some separate agreement allowing you to do it, you should technically be free to do it, BUT, you’d also need to check with each website to see if they have any rules against it.

Zillow might, I’m not sure, but websites like Craigslist are a bit more ‘loose’ in what goes there.

@charlotteirwin Both the contract and the States I work in allow for the assigning of contracts. Assigning contracts is new for me and I didn’t know if there were a couple “go to” forums/websites to market them. I agree I’ll have to look at each website’s rules to verify. Thanks!