Assignments available in New Mexico Deals

Seth gave me a heads up to post this information. Do you know anyone interested in the New Mexico area? I have decided working the land business is not the perfect fit for my personal situation. I like many facets of the business however not something long term. I have several current purchase contracts signed and pending title/escrow in Valencia and Socorro Counties NM. Do you know anyone open to taking these contracts over? I can cancel these contracts and escrow however I think these deals are good enough for an active land investor. In addition, I am not seeking a significant wholesaling fee. Let’s say $200 on each to cover some of my fixed costs! I would like to assign all three contracts if possible. I can provide more information! Please call me at 510 925-1800 for information ASAP!


  1. 15 acre parcel in Tierra Grande subdivision, Socorro County, purchase agreement no taxes due $6000, HOA current. Market Value $15-$20,000 (This transaction is two separate parcels adjacent (one owner)
  2. 5 acre parcel in Tierra Grande, Socorro County purchase agreement $1950 no taxes due, HOA current. (Market Value $6000)
  3. 5 acre parcel in Tierra Grande, Valencia County purchase agreement $700 no taxes due HOA current. (Market Value $3500-$4000

Gerry - Sent you a chat message. Pontentially interested.

I’m interested, if you still have tracts available.
perloseth; find me at gmail.