Austin TX


Any other land investors live in Austin, would love to meet up.

@zachattack I’m down in the Kyle/Buda area, What part of town are you in? Happy to meet up sometime

@ramrodd cool! i live in NW austin. Sold some lots in Kyle/Buda a few months back!.

I’m in South Austin. Fairly new to land investing but would love to meet up and talk.

@bgarinther @zachattack Lets get a Summer Moon meetup going!?

@ramrodd I’m down! That sounds great.

Hey Yall, how about grabbing lunch November 10th?

Alex and i are down.

@zachattack @bgarinther @RamRodd Lets do lunch November 8, i realized i have a conflict on the 11th.

Im down. November 8

@koisounds super.

@bgarinther @RamRodd yall down?

@zachattack I’ll be up for it. Time and place?

@koisounds excellent supper

Yay!!! Were doin it!

Lets meet at Easy tiger at 2pm.

Easy Tiger - The Linc

6406 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Suite 1100, Austin, TX 78752

@bgarinther @Koisounds @NormaStitts @RamRodd

@zachattack love that place. See you there

Wish I could make it. I’m out of town this week but enjoy!