Besides DataTree, What Are the Next Best Data Services to Use?

Besides DataTree what are the next best data services to use? Which is the best non-subscription data service?

AgentPro247 is another one I hear about quite a bit. I know Seth did some videos on those.

ListSource is another one that gets mentioned on BiggerPockets a lot.

I don’t think either of those require a long-term subscription or commitment.

You can request the data directly from the county, but Agentpro247 works well and you can just buy data dollars with no subscription.

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I use Agentpro! Recommended to me through Seth's program.

I haven't tried anything else yet!

@rdupre some other research tools that could be helpful are Parlay 2.0 and MapRight. They do some things similar and some things different (even though there is some crossover, they definitely are not the same thing).

You can see how they each work in these two videos…

Both of these do require a subscription (they aren’t free), but I believe monthly plans are an option, so you don’t need to commit for a year at a time if you don’t want to.