Best Address to Use for EIN - Registered Agent, Business or Home for LLC Privacy?

Hi all,

I just finished setting up my LLC and am working on getting my EIN. As I’m going through the IRS questions it asks me to put in the physical address of my LLC. I had taken Seth’s advice by setting up my LLC through Northwest Registered Agent and using them as the physical and mailing address on my Articles of Organization. So my question is, do I put NRA’s address in those fields, and say I want my mail going to a different address, or do I just put my home address? I am trying to keep my home address out of the public eye.

I’m in the same boat! Trying to figure out which is the cart and which is the horse regarding addresses and setting up certain parts of the business. I will keep an eye on this thread!

@mattsluder, great question. I should’ve mentioned this in that video.

If you have a business mailbox and want the IRS to send any notifications there, you could give them that address. You could also put your registered agent’s address, and if they get any mail from the IRS on your behalf, they should forward it to you… but giving them your business mailing address would just cut out the middleman from anything the IRS wants to send you.

Keep in mind that you can change your address with the IRS in the future, so this isn’t set in stone.

As for this address (whichever one you use) showing up in the public records, I’m honestly not sure if this one does. I know any address you give to the state will definitely be searchable after you registered your LLC, but this particular submission to the IRS is at the federal level, and I’m not aware of what they would make publicly available.

As you mentioned, the one address I wouldn’t put in there is my home address (that’s why I have a business address set up in the first place, so I can segregate my business from my personal mail).

So, long-story-short: you can give them either your registered agent’s address or your business mailing address.