Best places to buy legal document templates?

I've used a lot of different websites in my time when I've needed to put together purchase agreements, deeds, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, assignment agreements and the like.

I know, I know... every attorney will tell me I'm supposed to pay them $500 to create a custom document for me, but when I need a quick fix and I'm willing to "risk it", I've used the following websites with some pretty good success:

  • Rocket Lawyer (REtipster affiliate link): This has been my go-to for a few years now, because they have almost every conceivable state-specific form I can imagine. They also make it very easy by allowing me to complete each document by answering a simple questionnaire, and they the website compiles the final draft for me. The forms aren't always perfect, but they're good enough for 90% of what I've needed.
  • US Legal: This was my original go-to, until I found Rocket Lawyer. They also have a TON of templates... but they're just templates, and require more hands-on work in order to finalize the document (which, in my opinion, leaves a little more room for user error).
  • MegaDox: (I've used this one a few times as an alternative to US Legal)

I've also heard a bit about eForms (REtipster affiliate link), but I've never used them before. From what I can see, it works similar to Rocket Lawyer, and is a bit cheaper... but doesn't have as many templates to work from as Rocket Lawyer (I wasn't able to find a land contract or deed of trust anywhere).

Are there any other good sources of legal templates worth knowing about?

I've had good luck with when buying or selling outside in a new area / state and wanting to ensue I got a sufficient format for a deed for the specific circumstance.



@karljames that’s great to know! I’ve never tried them. It’s crazy how many different nuances there can be in deed templates from state to state.

Seth, this is very helpful. It does seem like there is such a balance between the need for a lawyer and the need to preserve cash but still protect yourself in situations. These sound like they will be great resources.

You mentioned a couple of docs that you often use. Would you mind giving a bit of advice on how to protect a deal in the following situation?

I am sure this is common but I have sourced a desirable deal that I will need to find an investor for. Basic economics are 45k purchase and ~120k-140k market value. My fear is that if I share the details with potential investors, they could just approach the seller themselves and cut me out of the deal. Is there any sort of non-compete or similar that I could pursue? Thanks in advance!

I also use Rocket Lawyer but you need to be careful. I acquired a deed for Georgia and had it reviewed. The lawyer they gave me was licensed in Calif. and did not catch the mistake on their deed. I also tried to have a second lawyer licensed in Georgia review it and either they would not respond or they told me I had to hire a lawyer. I made the mistake of using the deed as it was. Then the problem came to life, in Georgia and some other states there need to be two witnesses on the deed. Rocker Lawyers’ deed for Georgia only had one, this has cost me $4,000 so far (I got them to fix their deed). I am still a subscriber but you need to be careful.

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@cstone that’s a good word of caution. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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