Best skip tracing software for vacant land

Hey all! I am a GA real estate investor. Mainly residential homes and small commercial. I have been watching a lot of videos on Vacant land investing and have started to try and build some list to call but have been running into a problem with Batch skip trace (the data service I use for SFR properties). It seems like I will pull a list of 500 properties only to have most of them come back as unsearchable because batch skip trace says that they don’t have a valid USPS address. I guess because the parcels were never lived on and therefore never given a mailing address. This is making it very difficult for me to get owner info for the land parcels.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better skip tracing service that will pull the phone numbers or mailing addresses of the owners of vacant land even if the parcels that I am searching do not have an address registered with the USPS?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

@andrewd DirectSkip

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@scottholmes Thank you!!

@scottholmes I reached out to directskip and they are telling me that they require a mailing address to skip trace the owners info. They can not do it off of just the parcel number. Have you had a different experience?

Thank you.

@andrewd Sorry, I skipped a step-- I use Prycd for addresses and DirectSkip for phone numbers

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There are a lot of bulk skip tracers out there. So far, I’ve been researching PropStream, Direct Skip, Need to Skip, and Hivemind.

For some of these options (like PropStream and Hivemind), you’re actually paying for a much larger system, and skip tracing is one of many tools you’ll have baked into their system.

For others (like Direct Skip and Need to Skip), it’s pretty much a dedicated skip tracing service and that’s all. No other bells and whistles. I can’t pretend to be an expert yet, but this is what I’ve found so far…

Disclaimer: REtipster has affiliate links for some of these. Not trying to push anyone one way or another, but I’ll include them below as I cover what I’ve learned so far.

Hivemind: This is a much larger CRM system with a ton of tools built into it (including text campaigns, email campaigns, websites, and a lot more). Depending on which level you sign up for, the monthly cost is anywhere from $99 - $199 per month, and the cost for skip tracing is 11 cents to get the list (this cost will be going up to 12 cents pretty soon) plus 2.5 cents to skip trace each lead, so effectively 13.5 cents per lead (soon to be 14.5 cents per lead).

PropStream: This is a much larger lead generation and texting/mailing/emailing service. If you’re a paying subscriber (which starts out at $99/mo) you’ll have access to a ton of other cost-per-use features like skip tracing. There is no additional cost per lead to download a list (say, if you just want to use it for direct mail), but if you want to skip trace each lead, that will cost you .10 - .12 cents per skip, depending on what level plan you have.

Direct Skip: From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like Direct Skip does provide a bit more information (like relatives and finding the owners of LLCs, for example), whereas other skip tracers will ignore corporations altogether. Direct Skip also claims to have the best, most current, and accurate data, but I haven’t split-tested the same list between multiple services yet, so I can’t verify this first-hand as of the date of this post. I’ll be curious to throw some business entities in there to see what the results are AND if Direct Skip is more or less accurate than others in terms of the quality of information it provides. Direct Skip charges .12 cents per hit by default, but you can get better pricing if you buy into one of their discounted packages (and these seem to be the best pricing I’ve seen so far), which you can see here. You can also generate your list all within Direct Skip, so you can avoid DataTree altogether (though, I don’t know where Direct Skip is pulling its data from or how current/accurate it is).

Need to Skip: In total transparency, I’ve done the least amount of research into this one, so there could be something I’m missing, but just looking at their pricing sheet, their prices seem to be the highest and I’m not sure what their competitive advantage is. You still need to get your list from another source before using this one, so there’s also this added step/cost (if anyone has experience with Need to Skip and if you know what I’m missing, do chime in).

From what I’ve seen so far, for skip tracing alone (assuming this is your primary need and you aren’t looking for a larger system that does additional things), Direct Skip appears to be the leader… but remember, I’m still learning and I haven’t seen it all.

I’m excited to keep digging into this!


@retipsterseth and @ScottHolmes Thanks!

It looks like Prycd has a more land dedicated search criteria than anything else ive run.

Im going to try some land only list with Prycd and Directskip and see how it goes.

Thanks again.

@andrewd cool! Keep us posted on how it goes.

@andrewd I have never heard of a Skiptrace company that will search by APN. The list you originally pull should have Mailing Addresses, and that’s the address to Skiptrace.

If your doing one off property searches, you can try and connect with a Title Company that will allow you to search by APN and will bring back the Mailing Address.

But as far as Bulk, your List Provider will have the Mailing Addresses.

I have used BatchSkiptracing. $0.15/ Search for Addresses, Phones, & Emails

@thelandvet Thanks for the info.

So just so I am clear. There is not a list provider that can provide a mailing address for the owners for lots that do not have mailing addresses of their own?

I have been using Batch leads to make my lists for SFR properties and when I pull land lists there is always a lot of properties that don’t end up getting pulled because the parcels do not have mailing addresses. This is the issue that I am trying to fix by finding a different list provider.


Hey @retipsterseth, curious if you still think that DirectSkip may be the best skip tracing solution out there? Have you tried less expensive options? Do you know of new software which has emerged in that field recently?

Direct Skip is the best one I’ve tried to date, but on the same coin, I haven’t tried that many of them.

There is another, much cheaper way to do this with Versium, but it requires you prepay for a lot of records in bulk. I’m making a video about it now, and it should be ready in the next few weeks. If you want to check it out, you can fill out this form and it will put you in touch with someone at the company who can explain more about how it works and get you signed up if it’s the right fit for you.

@retipsterseth Awesome, thank you! I’ll check that out for sure.

Hello! If you’re looking for a skip tracing software that can help you find owner information for vacant land, I would recommend trying out TLOxp or Accurint. These services are specifically designed for skip tracing and can often provide more accurate information than other data services. Additionally, you may want to consider using a combination of different sources, such as county property records, to verify the information you receive. Good luck with your investing!

I’ve been disappointed with my Versium skiptrace results when compared head-to-head with DirectSkip-- it does come out cheaper, but I’m getting a lower deliverability rate and they don’t do corporations/LLCs.

@scottholmes great to hear about your experience. Thanks for sharing!