Hello fellow land flippers! I have a piece of land under contract on route 44 just outside St. Louis (no on-/off ramp, no road access). I‘m thinking about selling this to a billboard company. Any ideas on how to find and approach those? Any thoughts on this idea?

@nicoleschieber try doing a google search for “St Louis Outdoor Advertising Companies” and you’ll find a few you can start with. Give them a call and see if they’re interested!

Most of these companies (to my knowledge) don’t buy land just for a billboard. They would typically lease a small portion from the landowner (which ends up being a lot cheaper with less liability)… but you never know, they may be interested. Get a hold of them and find out!

Hey @retipsterseth, thank you so much for your help and thoughts here. I’ll try to get in touch with these and see what we end up with.

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@nicoleschieber like Seth Said, I would definitely try leasing before selling. That being said, there are generally rules and laws regarding billboards. Such as how many can be placed in a certain area. Often times, they’re already maxed out. But it never hurts to try. Good luck!

Another thing to consider - the billboard must have legal and/or physical access in order to install, service and run power to the billboard, as most want to light them at night unless they rely on solar.

Assuming you are able to find one interested, and zoning allows for it to be placed there - If your property is lacking in these things it may be a hard sell to a billboard company if you can’t figure out the solutions to these types of issues.

@nicoleschieber I market in Missouri as well and have talked to a handful of billboard companies over the last couple years. Missouri has some requirements/stipulations. For example, must be zoned commercial or industrial, must be 1400+ feet away from another billboard, must be less than 750 (feet) from the nearest commercial business, among others. Some of the big players are Lamarr and Outpost. Their websites have a real estate person usually listed, and they are happy to answer questions and determine feasibility. Leasing seems to be their preference. Most recently, I called them about a property near Sullivan on I44 and they estimated a potential revenue of $5000 per year. I was better off doing a quick flip, collecting my cash, and moving on.

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