Blind Offer Question Regarding the Legal Description

I was just about to do my first direct mail campaign and noticed that the company I use to pull my data does not include the legal description of the property in the data export. Is the legal description a requirement on blind offers or purchase and sale agreements? It’s included in all my templates so I don’t want to omit it if it will void the contract.

@tjlarsen6 it's probably worth noting that with the way most blind offer "purchase agreements" are written, these really act more as a letter of intent than a legally binding contract... because there's no earnest deposit involved and the terms are very loose (the buyer can't basically walk away for any reason they see fit).

With that in mind, you could just reference the parcel number and call it good, or you could fill it in with something like "# acres in XYZ County" (fill in the # without however many acres each individual property is). Of course, this is completely insufficient as far as legal descriptions go (a surveyor wouldn't be able to do anything with this), but it just fills in the gap, and a title company could reference the parcel number and the owner's name to get their work started.

Disclaimer: I'm not an attorney. This isn't legal advice.


Thanks Seth! That’s very helpful.