Blind Offer vs. No Offer

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on sending mailers with blind offers vs. sending mailers saying that you just want to purchase their property for cash. Does one work better than the other? I am close to sending my first mailers out but am going back and forth between including a blind offer and not. I know @jaydensdad7317 had a great response rate with his first mailer at 10% and did not include a blind offer. What are everyone's thoughts on this?

@cwlynch it's actually closer to 15% now. I still have some calls trickling in. HOWEVER, I have found that the $10,000 assessed value and under was good to get my feet wet. But ALL the properties have been so bad. Cant build on them, cant camp, no storage, no RV's. Without selling to a neighbor idk how ima sell the rest of these properties.

@jaydensdad7317 I also think part of the response has to do with the postcard I sent out. Some guy thought it was from the police lol. Your definitely reading something you think is from the police hahaha

I've had pretty good success with both, and they both have their drawbacks (as I explained a bit in this thread).

@AFlanagan had some interesting insights and pretty good points on the matter in a recent interview we did with him (starting at around 7:47).


@jaydensdad7317 Haha hey whatever works! Good to know though. Thanks man

@cwlynch I decided to try both. I sent my first postcard mailer this week with no blind offers. I have a second postcard I intend to send to the same list in a month, also with no blind offer. At the same time, I picked a different county and am sending blind offers. Even within the blind offers, I am experimenting with variations. I am handwriting some parts of an offer. I am including a purchase agreement in some cases and others I am not. I kind of figured I need to find my own style so dabbling in multiple methods felt like the best way to start.

In the near term, I believe larger quantities of postcard mailings is the better approach for me and blind offers are more experimental. I don't feel confident enough in my numbers to mass quantity blind offers yet. If I get feedback on the blind offers over time, it may make more sense to switch it up later.

@retipsterseth Great interview and great info. Thanks for sending!

@stevel Yeah i think that is what i am going to do. Try variations and see what works best for me. Thanks for the reply!

I definitely prefer neutral postcards! Blind offers can be all over the map. Yea, your blind valuation may be good for one side of the county but the other side may be way over priced and you’ll have to renegotiate all your offers. Also, most people send blind offers in 2+ pages (offer/intro page and the Purchase and sale agreement for page 2) which can get quite costly. To me, this is a law of probability game. Send more, get more responses. Postcards are cheap, get your message across and when they call, you know they have a certain degree of motivation to sell. But with neutral postcards, you have to talk to people, not everyone’s cup of tea.