Brand new

My name is daylen I’m totally brand new to this possible venture I have not bought the program yet but am almost ready to take the jump my girlfriend has been working Shawns overages program where she does research and passes info to the finisher if he can finish I don’t know she has made negative dollars so far butt I thought maybe with both programs something may materialize I would like to know of the people on this forum is there success stories or or should I save my money the other question how much capital does one need to buy a house going for auction

@daylen I’m new to this myself. I just sent out my first mail campaign and am still waiting to see if I’ll get any responses from it. I’ll likely send out another larger campaign at the end of the week. In theory the system makes since to me, and direct mail is toted as a viable option for leads throughout real estate. Just have to figure out the difference between theory and reality. I’ve read and heard a lot of success stories though ReTipster and Bigger Pockets. For the auction, that will vary wildly. I know of a local hard money lender in my area that specializes in court step loans for auctions, so you don’t necessarily need to buy with 100% cash.