Building that first marketing funnel on the cheap

Hi all,

I’m building up my initial price list this week to understand monthly costs for overhead with building up the marketing website and applying some automation.

I really liked the idea of using Pebble down the line after watching the video but the cost is prohibitive right now for a full BMW/Rolls Royce CRM.

About a year ago, I did a project with the web admin of a church I worked for and we built a form on their SquareSpace which then populated a google form with entries from the SquareSpace form. WordPress also looks like it has the same functionality as well with an add-on…

I think this might be how I want to get started, since it’ll take away some of the complexity of WordPress and SquareSpace has dedicated support.

I don’t know if anyone has done this sort of thing before, but it’d be cool to hear some feedback.

@arlaurin, that’s a cool idea! Sounds like a very similar concept. I’ve encountered a few land investors who built their websites with SquareSpace over the years. It seems like they do a good job of making it easy to build a beautiful website, but I didn’t keep up with them to see if it worked out well long-term.

I think the main drawback with SquareSpace (potentially) would be the inability to customize it EXACTLY the way you want… but for a lot of people, this isn’t really a problem because they aren’t trying to do anything crazy. They just want it to be easy and look good.

If you end up going this route, keep us posted on how it goes! I’m curious to see how well it works for this purpose.

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@arlaurin Use FluentForms plugin in Wordpress. You can also get more detailed by using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (or similar).