Business/Tax Licenses

Hi Folks,

I’m working on setting up my business entity, and came across the fact that you need to check if you need to apply for business or tax licenses at the state level, and other licenses at the county/city level.
I am not asking for legal advice, but wanted to know what most of you have encountered. I am in AZ at the moment.
In other words, for land flipping in the Southwest states, is it common to have to apply for business or tax licenses?

Any experience or knowledge is appreciated!

@jerryreyes we don’t have any kind of state of city business license for the purpose of buying and selling our own properties.

If we were buying and selling on behalf of someone else, that would require a real estate license, but because we’re only working with properties that we own, I’m not aware of any licenses needed for that in our state.


@donyost Thank you very much, that is reassuring!

@jerryreyes Consult an attorney or try to get the answer for free by contacting the Secretary of State for Arizona.