Buyer's Site & Seller's Site - Should they be hidden from each other?

I’m new to the land selling business and am currently setting up my infrastructure. I am in the process of building a website where folks who want to sell their land can input their information on an online form. It seems to make sense not to include–or have any mention of–the buyer’s site (where I’m going to advertise my purchased lands to potential customers). If my company name were on both sites, the sellers may discover the other site and learn how much I am selling properties (similar to theirs) for. Has this been an issue for anyone else, and if so, what do you do about it? Do you create completely different websites with different domains, avoid using certain language, etc.? Thanks. I hope that made sense.

@jamesrpett for what i hear and see around that is exactly the way a lot of investors do. They have 2 separate entities for the buying and selling sides of their business OR they create a DBA. Each entity has its own website and email address (ideally also phone number). Personally I buy and sell with my one entity and never had an issue. Also, I don’t have a selling website, as I privilege the use of land agents for the disposition side, which allows me to direct 85% of my efforts on my acquisitions (the remaining 15% is to find a lender - if I use OPM - and, most importantly, the best land agent in the area).

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