Buying and Selling Websites/Email addresses/Facebook Accounts

I’m thinking of selling land door-to-door. Good strategy or no? P.S., I live on a houseboat.

Just kidding. On to my actual question:

Trying to start off on the right foot and I was wondering what recommendations anyone might have for business website domain and email providers… any thoughts on Bluehost vs HostGator vs GoDaddy? I’ll be using REI Conversion and Pebble for my websites/CRM–

Also curious what most people do in terms of setting it all up on Facebook-- one account (with one email address) and two business pages (one selling and one buying), or two totally separate FB accounts (two email addresses) advertising separate buying and selling websites…

Just thinking about how to set it all up to be as streamlined as possible. Thanks for any advice–

@scottholmes I’ve used Inmotion Hosting to host sites in the past, and they had excellent customer service.

@scottholmes - Bluehost, GoDaddy and HostGator are all kind of a similar thing, from my experience with each of them. They’re all pretty basic hosting services that will get the job done for most people, but it’s not like a “premium” level of service or anything like that. For example, if you get a HUGE unexpected surge of traffic (or anyone else on your shared server does), your website will probably go down or at least slow way down. This isn’t something most smaller websites need to worry about though.

If you go with REI Conversion, I believe they’ll require you to use their hosting service of choice - so the decision about which hosting service to use will take care of itself.

I personally have one email address and FB account, but two separate websites and two separate phone numbers. My email address isn’t specific to either website (it doesn’t include the domain name for either site in the email address), so it can be used interchangeably.

@scottholmes For email, I used my domain to setup a personalized email and then linked it to a gmail. I can sign into my gmail and have the option to send mail as either my gmail account or my personalized domain account.

I am pretty sure you can link both your buying and selling email to one gmail if you wanted to go that route.

Thanks so much for the advice guys–

Will check out Inmotion.
Jessey actually recommended GoDaddy–
Great info about linking the business email addresses to gmail.

Can anyone suggest where they could buy Facebook accounts for their business?

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