Buying and Selling Websites on One or Two Separate Domains?

I’m building my infrastructure and have a quick question about buying and selling websites.

I know this is a very small detail, but when you guys build your sites, do they have two completely different domain names?

For example for your buying site is it like and your selling site is or are they one domain name with two different pages?

Thanks for any responses, and looking forward to learning from all of you and growing my business!

I have two separate sites, buying site is generic template, I hardly update it. The selling site is more polished and I update it as I buy and sell properties. Some folks use the same site. They don't mind if the seller sees the price of the properties being sold. I guess I would be worried that a seller will see the listing on my sell site and ask for more.

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awesome, thank you for the reply and the insight!

@smiller1330 Thanks for this question Sean. It is one I have been considering also.

Does anyone have a strong preference between REI Landleads and Carrot, if you are planning on two different sites?

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@smiller1330 welcome to the forum!

I've always had my buying and selling arms on two separate domains, for reasons I explain in this blog post.

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@smiller1330 great question! I think it will vary depending on a lot of things, so there is merit to both, but we are an agency in the Caribbean and I previously worked in digital marketing and I have some tips. From an SEO standpoint, every link to a page on your site will essentially be a vote for that page. As well, the text used for that link will also contribute to how that vote is cast. With that being said, having one page with buy and sell, you get the benefit of all of your listing pages having a link to your key buyer resources (because you typically will have it in your navigation). On top of that, you can use your footer to add additional links. If you look at our site where we focus on land for sale in Saint Lucia you will see that the navigation has links such as “Properties for sale in Gros Islet” which is a region on the island. That essentially is telling google that if someone searches for Properties for sale in Gros Islet, that the page should be ranked high. Now if you have a site with 200 listings, that is 200 links to that page with the same value. If you had separate sites, the pages for buyer services would not have many links to it.

On the plus side, having multiple domains linking to your site puts a bit of extra weight on the links because google sees that as an external person voting for your site instead of you voting for yourself (hence my previous shameless plug for “land for sale in Saint Lucia”). The more domains that have links to your site, the more authority your site will have in terms of rank results. There is a tone to cover regarding backlinks and backlink building, so hopefully this was enough to give you a bit more info to make an informed decision.