Buying From An Agent

Just curious if anyone here has experience buying land that was listed with an agent and if so what was your experience.

@johnsonsteven77 I did earlier this year. My experience was fine, but I suppose it will depend on who the agent is. It basically forces an intermediary between the buyer and the seller (I never saw or spoke to the seller until I met them at the closing table).

Sometimes this can actually be helpful if the seller is crazy, erratic, or irrational because you won’t have to deal with them. Sometimes it jumbles up the process, though.

Ultimately, it ends up costing the seller a lot more (which isn’t really my concern if that’s their choice to pay an agent) but the property also ends up being listed and sold for more than if I were buying it directly from the seller… so it usually does affect the buyer in the end as well.

@retipsterseth I think my concern would be not being able to use my own PA and having to use the agents PA. Which I assume they are required by law to use their PA but I could be wrong. And I assume assigning the contract would now be out of the question with an agent. Please correct me if I am wrong about these assumptions.

@johnsonsteven77 those are good questions. I’m honestly not sure what the law says on that (and it’s probably a state-specific thing anyway - what applies in one state may not apply in another).

When I’ve had agents come to me with buyers, we’ve always ended up using the standard realtor agreement (probably because it spells out the realtors commission), so there could be something to that, but you’d have to call someone on the inside of that system to confirm or deny how it has to work.

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