Buying & Selling Websites, 1 and the same?

Hello REtipster folks! My wife and I just purchased the Land Masterclass a few weeks ago and are working through it and really enjoying it. My question is this, and I apologize if it’s a “duh huh” type question, but we are totally new to everything land related.

Does it make sense to have your buying site also be where you list properties you have for sale? Are there advantages or disadvantages to having both purposes tied into one website?

Thanks and hope to hear from you guys soon!

Bre and Patrick

@bandbuckley Hi there, rookie as well here and module 2 ongoing😁…loving it.
From what i read everywhere on the web (and is also on the masterclass module 1) you should have 2 web sites because you don’t want the original seller, from whom you bought for pennies on dollars, to see that you’re selling that same property 2 to 5 times the amount of money that he got from you. General rule is: 2 websites, 2 phone numbers (i set 2 different extensions on the same number for now), 2 emails. In anycase, of the above mentioned 3, websites are the last of the priorities for me for the moment…

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@arturo This might be a dumb question, but why do I care if the original seller sees that I’m selling it for more than what he received from me? The idea is to be clear with my intent from the beginning and tell him/her that I can offer convenience, but don’t offer maximum cash consideration, right? Also, I know that sellers often have more than one property to sell when they respond to offers, but how likely are they to sell you a property and then months/years later reach out again to sell?

Thanks in advance!

@arturo thanks for the quick reply! Yeah having two sites seems to make sense. Trying to determine now which site method to setup. We really like the wordpress theme with REI conversion that Seth helped develop, but some of the features of some other offerings seem quick and very easy to get started.

Thanks again!

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@connerhughes thanks for weighing in here. Totally see your logic there. I definitely plan on making it very clear up front that i am not offering top dollar because, well…that’s not really how the business works. I’m leaning towards keeping two different sites honestly just to keep things a little cleaner. I’ll likely run one and have my wife run the other.

Thanks again!

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@connerhughes if there was any dumb question I would be the King of them))). I totally see your point and someway I agree with you: if you’re an honest investor (like everyone should be), and crystal clear since the very beginning, you shouldn’t be worried about working on one website only. It’s legit, cheaper and simple. That said, even if you did everything in the most professional way, you never know how it can be read on the other side (humans are highly imperfect). You can decide not to care about it, true…at the end business is just business and once the deal is done, you get a fat -and well deserved- check and you turn page, but I think it’s a very subjective approach and, at the end, you always deal with people: for me, if i had the budget for 2 websites (this is the pre-requisite), i would personally go for this solution to not generate any bad feelings in my seller, even if i’m not going to make business with him anymore (are we sure?).
There’s another reason why I’m planning to go with 2 separate arms on my business: I’m one of those guys who keeps the red markers in a compartment of my desk, the black ones in another one etc…i like to keep different things organized, easily accessible and separate. This is the way my mind works better, through quite rigid schemes. I’m a Navy Officer and I guess this must be something related to my Military education…and yes, definitely we Navy guys are some kind of weirdos i guess)))

@bandbuckley for me is still quite premature to think about websites but according to what i hear and read around i believe that when time will be mature for me, my choice will most likely fall on Rei conversion too: my understanding is that it was specifically created by @Jessey for Land investors and tailored around their needs. Plus, as you say, @retipsterseth heavily contributed and this alone is a synonim of a great product for me. Another one triggering my curiosity is Carrot but I need to give a better look into it…

@Arturo feel free to reach out and book a demo with me at anytime when you’re interested! As well, you can check out some of our resource/content on our Youtube channel:

Might give you an understanding of what we’re working on and where we’re going :slight_smile:


@jessey I’m pretty sure you will hear from me at some point, just give me some time to arrive there as I just started. Slow and steady, but on my way :)) …

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@jessey thanks for jumping in! I’ll be checking out the YouTube channel and would love to setup and book a demo with you! While we are in the beginning stages we are ready to really push forward and get things rolling with all aspects!

Thanks Jessey!

@arturo let me know what you find out about Investor Carrot! There were some attributes that looked appealing. :facepunch:

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@bandbuckley as soon I’ll be there, sure thing Patrick :muscle: