Buying Site for Land - Images of Yourself?

Do you find that you have better luck putting a picture of yourself on your buying site? Or even just some kind of stock photo so people can see a face? My current site just has text and land graphics/art for showing our process but no pictures of people and I’m wondering what has worked best for you.

Personally I’m trying to obscure my identity for buying as much as possible at least publicly

@land_master in general I understand your concerns, still I personally believe that it’s always a good thing, for a person doing business with me, to be able to see the person behind the Company. That said, I guess it essentially depends on the message you want to send to your sellers: do you want to look like a family run, small but honest business? Definitely go for the family picture, in your porch, casual dresses, smiling and possibly with a dog and a baby…(if you don’t have the last two be sure to ask to the neighbour if he can lend them :joy: ) . On the contrary, do you want to look like the super pro and experienced Company? In this case you may decide to use just your Logo.