Can you hold title under DBA or Fictitious Name?

Hi y'all,

I just had verbal offers accepted on 3 properties. I'm filling out Purchase Agreements to send over to the sellers and I was wondering if I am supposed to list my DBA/Fictitious Name as the Buyer or if I actually need to list my Corporation as the buyer? Up until now I have been communicating with the sellers through my DBA but I am assuming that my corporation is actually supposed to be the buyer of record.

I was thinking about self closing one of these deals since the purchase price is $50.00 and the property is probably only worth about $2,000



@josie you should be using the legal name of your business entity, not your dba.

It's fine to use your dba in all of your initial communication with people (that's exactly what I do), but when it comes to legal documents (the purchase agreement, assignments, options, deeds, and any other legally enforceable document that might be recorded by the county), use your actual LLC name.

If anyone asks why the names are different (my dba is very similar to my LLC name, so I rarely get this question), just explain that your LLC has a registered assumed name for branding purposes.

Legal Disclaimer: I'm not an attorney. This isn't legal advice.

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@retipsterseth Awesome, thanks so much Seth!