Can't Break 1% response rate

Hey everyone, so I’ve done 4 mail campaigns…two in AZ around Tucson and 1 in south Louisiana and the other is currently active in North Louisiana…

I can’t seem to get more than 1% response rate.

In all I’ve sent about 5000 5x8 post cards very similar to how Seth recommends. Filter is for absentee owner, about 2-50 acres…I stay away from cities…been using Data Tree for this info.

Was just wondering if anyone has seen a big drop off in response rates this year…I didn’t do my first campaign until Feb 2022.

Thanks everyone!

You have to realize that postcards have the worst response rate of the typical mailers that we use. They’re cheap and I get that, but targeting competitive markets with 5000 postcards is a weak mailer. It’s not a lot. Multiply that by 4 and I’m sure your funnel will look better, but you’ll be on the phone all day too. So there’s that.

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@tmiski Are you using the 2 page letter with an offer? What sort of response do you get with that?

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