Carrot Website and Hosted Websites down?

So I was just signing up for carrot and it appears that their website is down…in the sense that their pages look very primitive.

I searched for we buy houses powered by carrot and those websites are also down right now and looking primitive.

I am still interested in using their service and will continue to grow my website with them.

Just thought to inform you all if you have your websites hosted with them, you may want to check your site and reach out to Carrot to work on getting them back up.


Got some help with Carrot support. They were very patient with me to troubleshoot this issue.

We determined that it was my home wifi that blocked their website pages. I connected my laptop to my iphone hotspot and it then showed their webpages like it should. Switched back to home wifi and then it still works like it should.

The issue was on my end. Weird how this works…still don’t know what the technical problem was but I’m just glad we got it fixed.

Now I can learn to master SEO and PPC for land investing in addition to pulling lists from DataTree and sending postcards, of course.

@jchou thanks for circling back to let us know how this panned out! I’m glad it wasn’t a broader issue with the service.