Cheaper Direct Mail options​?


I am using "Click to Mail" website to reach for potential land sellers. I am using PostCard 4.25 X 6.

I Paid $230 for 430 PostCards. Is there any cheaper alternative? Or is there any way I can lower the cost?

I shall be looking forward to hearing from you.

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@samlands That seems high! Check out Rocket Print & Mail/Postcard Mania, I pay .46 for a 2-pg letter (including postage).

1 Like and rocketprint are good options. My personal opinion would be to send a one page blind offer letter instead of postcards if you want to buy more properties....but thata just me.

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If you start sending 600 or more from pretty much any direct mail provider, the price will start getting a lot cheaper based on the volume you're sending.

You can also use standard presort postage for postcards that are a bit larger, like 6x9 or 6x11 size (this isn't available for the 4.25x6 size, because according to USPS, that's too small for standard presort, and they only allow first class postage). 6x9 or 6x11 are both pretty big for a postcard, so the cost of materials will make the savings a wash, but if you want to make your postcard VERY visible, it could help you to stand out a bit better, and the cost wouldn't be much more because of the cheaper postcage.

@samlands check with Rocket Print and Mail, their original company is Postcard Mania… them being a fully custom print shop they can be your one-stop shop to set up all your direct mail needs. Perfect place to split test or check out other variables. We’ve pushed a ton of mail through them.

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I tried It is $823 for ~1978 post card economy and size 4.25 X 5.5.
Is it good deal?


Agree with @justinsliva

Great customer service and great pricing. I switch from iti Direct Mail ( at the start of this year - liked iti Direct Mail just fine but find the pricing modestly better and personal customer service at RocketPrint/PostCard Mania fits my needs better. Still consider iti Direct Mail a back up if needed.

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@karljames I used Rocket Print (Postcardmania) for years in my jewelry store and they were great for building traffic for jewelry repairs and buying old unwanted gold, silver, diamonds… well I think you get the idea…Thank you for being here and for bringing your valuable insight …