Choosing the Right Market

I recently purchased the REtipster masterclass and have finished the lesson on choosing the right market. I’m using the template that was provided in that lesson which includes
job growth, population growth, unemployment rate, etc. The county I’m looking at checks all the boxes but one. The property crime is 5% higher than the U.S. average. I live relatively close
to this area and I know that it’s growing and will continue to grow. Can anyone share their personal experience with using these metrics as an indicator for the “right market”.
Is there any one metrics that would make a county a make or break situation. Does it makes sense to assign more weight to certain metrics?

Also, before I purchased the class, I was watching an archived video on this and Seth mentioned looking at counties where the population density is less than 100 people per square foot.
Is this still a relevant and useful metric to track from anyone’s personal experience?

@maya1490 why do you think the crime rate will continue to grow? Is this area going downhill or something? That alone would cause some concern for me, but if everything else is passing the test with flying colors, then it probably isn’t a deal killer.

@donyost I should’ve been more clear. I meant the population is growing and will continue to grow. I know that this area is good but wasn’t sure if crime rate being higher than the average should be a deal breaker. It sounds like that’s not the case.