Cold Call + Mail Blind Offers simultaneously?

What are the pros and cons of cold calling the same blind offer mail list at the same time? Is anyone else doing this or have direct insight? Does doing one first, then waiting to do the other make more sense? If so, in what order? I would love to hear any thoughts on this approach.

@jhb-0 the cold callers I know are calling to have a short conversation, build some rapport, and get to know the property and owner before they make an offer.

Blind offers take the opposite approach by saving time and skipping the pleasantries by hitting them with a low offer on the first contact.

Unless there’s some other strategy with cold calling that works in conjunction with blind offers (and there may be, I don’t know), those two approaches would seem counter-productive… depending on which one you do first.

What would be the point of calling to build rapport and learn about the property and the owner if you hit them with a pre-determined low offer by mail anyway?

Maybe if you sent a blind offer after exhausting your other options, by if you do them simultaneously, it seems like they might conflict with each other.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this, though. There could easily be something I don’t understand.

@retipsterseth ah, that makes sense. I was thinking about it more as a multiple touchpoint idea to generate interest in the next step. I do see how that could be counterproductive. Thanks for the insight



Seth is correct. Cold-calling at the same time isn’t making the best use of the two different styles of lead gen.

As someone who sees a TON of cold-calling campaigns, I recommend cold-calling first (since its cheaper) and then mailing those that you can’t reach via calling.


@jproberts thank you, sir. I appreciate the reply