Cold calling services?

Has anyone used cold calling services / companies in the past? Seems to have pros and cons so would love to hear people’s experiences?

I’ve used a couple of them and I know many who have used others.

My experience has shown that they’re all a little disappointing, in that, their callers often have foreign-sounding accents and they sound like they’re reading from a script, because they are.

but, BUT… you will find deals this way if you do it long enough and actually follow up with the warm leads quickly enough.

As for those negatives I mentioned, you can definitely find callers that sound more American and do a better job of sounding real and authentic on the phone, but I imagine you’ll pay a lot more for those, and probably have a hard time finding them in the first place.

It’s very monotonous work, and it takes a special kind of person who can do hundreds of these low-quality calls per day AND sound good AND not get burnt out by it.

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