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I could not find the rules for this forum so if this is not allowed please let me know.

It has come to my attention recently most investors want a second opinion about a property, but it can be challenging to find an agent, especially if you have not purchased the property yet. I was wondering if the community would utilize a comp service if I offered one. I have my own business and also work for a larger one as an acquisitions manager. 5 days a week for almost 2 years now I do comps. It fluctuates with mail but I’ve comped thousands of properties. I would not offer to do comp reports on any area, it would have to be a disclosure state or a mixed state. And there would have to be some kind of data available. If it’s a dead area I obviously can’t do a report. But I’d include the property access, if I know of any utilities near by, terrain, and if it’s in a flood zone. Then I’d give you the average price per acre, the market value, the price to beat of a similar property currently on the market, and I’d give you my opinion of the property including what I think you should list it at. Obviously this is all my personal opinion based on the experience I have. Comps are more of an art form than a science so always form your own opinion.

I would offer a service like this for $25/report.

Is this something that is of interest? Please tell me if it is not a good idea also! Thanks tipsters! Y’all are great.

@randi I should clarify this is only for vacant land. I have no experience with house compared sales. If there are any structures on a property I will assume they are of no value.

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@randi I’d be interested to utilize your service. How do you want to connect?