conflicting comps... "would you take this deal?"

Found a nice residential lot in a rural subdivision, reasonable POA, small lake, seller will take $15k for it. It’s a nice neighborhood, not crappy like so many of these.

Just checking current listings in the region, I’m seeing similar lots asking $25 - $35k.

Checking with local realtors for recently sold comps, I get 2 different answers.

Realtor 1: “It’s thin for recent comps but what I see is $5 - 10k”
Realtor 2: “Two recent sales nearby, 1 for 20k and 1 for 27k.”

My options:

  • ask the seller for a better price (duh)
  • just pass entirely if I can’t get it for $5k or so?
  • other?

Thoughts / advice?


@scottbraden what’s the DOM of those two sales?