Contacting Neighbors for land give away!

I may decide to donate or give a parcel of land away. I was considering contacting neighbors offering my parcel. Any suggestions on how to word the neighbor letter for a give away?

@gcohen I did this once upon a time. Here’s what my letter said to the next door neighbor.

My company is the owner of a triangle-shaped parcel of land adjoining your property (see the enclosed deed as proof). I buy and sell real estate for investment purposes and this past year, we acquired the property right next to yours on ______ Rd.
Here are the details on this particular piece of real estate:

  • Parcel ID:
  • Parcel Size:
  • Parcel Address:
  • Market Value (based on SEV):

While we have spent many months attempting to sell this property, we have not been able to find a buyer who is interested. As a result, I would like to give this property to you for free. No strings attached.
This is a rare chance that most people never get. By adding this land to your existing property, you could do any of the following:

  • Expand your own yard.
  • Make sure you don’t end up with obnoxious neighbors.
  • Give yourself more room for future building projects.
  • Make sure nobody builds something ugly next door to you!

The simple fact is, we have no practical use for this property. Rather than spending our time and effort trying to sell such a small parcel by itself, we think it would make the most sense for a neighbot to add this land to your existing property. If you are interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact me at --**** for further assistance.

It was pretty similar to a normal neighbor letter, but I changed the wording to just say that we’re giving it away, not asking for money. Pretty simple.

I got a call from this person a few days later and I sent them a quit claim deed shortly thereafter.

Good luck!