COSL Land Auction

Anyone done any dealing with Arkansas COSL land auctions? I was curious how you handled the limited warranty deed they award you when you sold the properly. If you getting it for a few hundred dollars, or even $1,000, is it worth a title search?


We bought nine of the unencumbered, seasoned tax deeds. Make sure they are unencumbered, or You are buying a tax lien. Offered $50 each, the State countered at $75 each. We listed and quickly sold them (outside of title, quit claim deed, full disclosure to Buyer) for $39 down, $39 months, for 39 months. We called it the 39 plan. That was fun (except that the price point was too low). Happy Hunting.

@josh-brooks Can you elaborate on the term “unencumbered, seasoned tax deeds”. What I am looking at are the online auction. There is no counter, just bidding. Did you bid on these before they were foreclosed by the state and put online as a tax lien? My understanding is that is done in person? Thanks in advance for your response.