Creating the seller financing mortgage (docs and filing)

Hello all, I could use some guidance please. I have several lots to sell and wish to offer owner financing. What is the most direct/affordable service provider for generating the correct documents (promissory note, deed of trust, release of deed of trust, etc).

Am I best off having my attorney draw up the docs on a per property basis or is there a service provider for this?


@jayncolorado if you are not otherwise hearing from someone who resolves your questions, feel free to contact me and let’s review what you need. [email protected]

@jayncolorado Hi Jay, I recommend having the title company do it. They have legal departments that can prepare the loan docs, and they will insure them through a lender’s title policy. I pass that expense on to the borrower. I put together a short video on best practices for seller financing land that you may find helpful. It is on my website

@escharaga Well well! Thank you Eric! I appreciate that!!

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