CRM Question

Hi guys! Which CRM platform do you guys recommend to use to keep track of our land investing lead contacts throughout the process from start to finish???

I see the CRM question come up periodically. My question is always, “why?”. Why do you think you need a CRM? My advice is that the vast majority of investors do not need a CRM system. I’m a very successful, self-employed, full time investor, and have been for years. I have never used a CRM for my business.
I just use notes and excel spreadsheets, the “KISS” method.

There are two negatives with using a CRM. The first is the added cost. Stay lean and keep your costs down, especially if you are new. The second is that the CRM isn’t magic. Any CRM system is only as good as the data that has been entered into it. If you aren’t taking the time to keep your CRM up to date, then what’s the point?

If/when you reach the point that your deal volume is crushing you, and maybe you have employees to help you with data entry, and employees that need access to the deal record, or customer info, then you can think about adding the cost and responsibility of a CRM. Until then, I really feel like most of us are better off without a CRM.


@jay-b so glad someone finally said this. I’m also an avid user of spreadsheets.

I’ve toyed around with a few CRM softwares in the past, but they’re just SUCH a pain to learn how to use and I found they didn’t add that much to my operation.

I can’t speak for everyone though. If you’re doing hundreds of deals per year with multiple employees, this is where I can see how a good CRM makes sense. But if it’s just one or two people working together, a CRM is definitely not a must.


@krisamorax I use Flowlu, which has some very powerful tools in it for business processes. I managed to get a lifetime full subscription when it was in early release.

Contacts which reach out on my website basically auto-populate their own lead details card, which I move through the sales funnel.

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I use Notion, almost religiously. It is an incredibly flexible workspace that has taken over as my 2nd brain. If I have a browser open, I have a Notion tab. I use it to automate nearly my entire workflow for my investing business. Great stuff, and quite inexpensive. If you have an .edu email, it is free. Otherwise, I think it is $10 a month.

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