CRS (Court Retrieval System) Data

Has anyone ever used CRS Data to download mailing lists for land investing purposes? If so, how does it compare to DataTree or Agent Pro 24/7?

@ChrisHutto I don't have any experience with CRS and I hate to answer a question with a question, but I'm curious what you might have learned about it. I was just looking at their website after seeing your post, and am not sure which of their products would best apply to the land niche. Do you know if it would be the MLS Tax Suite, or one of the other ones? And any idea of pricing? The only product I found pricing for on their website is the LocalLook, and it looks a bit spendy for what I do.

@dl7573 Hey David, I am a Realtor and I actually have free access to the CRS MLS Tax Suite through my local MLS, so I don't know what they charge for any of their products. It may be that they only offer that data to Realtors through local MLSs that purchase for their members, but I am not sure. I have access to all the data within my State (Alabama). The search filters don't seem to be as robust as the filters on DataTree, so I don't know if a mailing list through CRS is as good as ordering a mailing list through DataTree, which is why I was asking if anyone else has any experience with it.